MEET Kelly

Marketing & Client Care Manager

Born and raised in a small town outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Kelly has maintained much of her homegrown values. With a combination of strong leadership skills and perceptiveness, Kelly is known for problem-solving with diplomacy and efficiency. Having worked in diverse fields – such as aviation, food and hospitality, business development, federal government, human resources, health and wellness, education and finance – Kelly has cultivated discernment, insight and integrity. She brings valuable insight and clear consideration to every situation. 

In all her dealings, Kelly aims to build genuine trusting relationships and leads by example. Honesty and integrity are her ethical cornerstones, and she understands that in the real estate business these qualities are paramount. She has a deep understanding of how vital and important every single interaction is when it comes to buying, selling or leasing properties, and sincerely strives for every single exchange to be a supportive and transparent one. 

With a passion for international travel, animal welfare and the arts, Kelly is a multifaceted individual with an eye for quality and a gift for diplomacy. Having experienced a broad scope of international business relations and humanitarian undertakings, Kelly knows that what may seem like the small details are often-times the very things that are the most impactful. A small gesture, comment or acknowledgement today could have far-reaching bearings tomorrow. 

Beyond her professional scope, Kelly brings her precision and compassion to the Toronto Humane Society, lovingly fostering and rehabilitating animals since 2014. Kelly is delighted to have found a home in such a like-minded team and looks forward to each opportunity to contribute in a positive and lasting way.