Before you List

Getting ready to list your house basically means that you are getting your home ready for speed dating and you need to put your best face forward. 



Curb Appeal

First impressions count. How does the front of your home hold up? Is your lawn in good shape? Are your flowers fresh or fried? Are your window’s overdue for a cleaning? Take the time to clean out your gutters and get rid of your weeds and make your home shine.


polish and shine

Cleanliness is next to godliness. And it definitely helps keep buyers focused on imagining themselves moving in, rather than getting out. Keep your home clean and cob-web free during the showing period. 


Tune up

Now’s the time to touch up paint jobs, fix any cracks in your plaster and replace burnt out bulbs. We will walk through your home together to decide what needs to be done.  Buyers look at every inch to make sure things function flawlessly. A few minor repairs and updates can help boost your homes perceived value.


set the stage

We are experts at staging your home so that it shows off all of its' potential.  I will bring in the right professionals to organize, move, store personal items, stage and Fung Shui your way to a sale.



When people come through your house, you don’t want to distract them with your knick-knacks or family photos. Clear off all surfaces and prune your closets and cupboards to highlight all the storage options. I will bring in the right people to help you clear out the clutter and let potential buyers envision themselves in the space.