Linda & Lee

We wanted to sell our condo but the thought of the process was just too daunting. We already had so much on our "plates" and just didn't imagine how we could ever do it. We weren't even living in town! Then along came Eileen Lasswell who was showing a unit in our building and my curiosity introduced us. I was so impressed by her professionalism and care as we chatted about how and when we could start the process. She reassured me that together we could make it work. Four days later she came to see our unit and with complete confidence we signed with her. Within a week the listing was live, our unit had been spruced up by her team, advertising had been done, our hands were "held" with awesome communication, and then preemptive offers were carefully dealt with. We sold in less then three days and we got a record price. It was not magic but rather hardwork accomplished by a team that knew what they were doing. Amazing!!!

Eileen is a very, very special professional realtor but she is far more than that. She is very hard working, very well informed, experienced, trustworthy, thoughtful, easy to communicate with, and on top of everything she is nice (really nice!) and makes things happen. We highly recommend Eileen and her team to truly take care of you beyond your wildest dreams!!!!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

Back in 2017, my colleague at work and I were selling each of our homes - both over $1M each.  My colleague had Eileen and I worked with another realtor.  My colleague sold hers in under 2 weeks and mine did not over the next 6 months.  I took out the listing for a few months and listed it again the next year . . . this time with Eileen!  She sold my place within days of signing the listing, with just the first customer viewing,  even without the MLS listing, just her network,  I have a busy life so no real effort with staging and at the right price!!!!!  INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING!!!! I am truly grateful to Eileen for this part, and I was able to get out of that large townhouse and get back to my condo.  She eventually was able to get the right condos for my sister and my other friend.  She provided GREAT ADVICE and GUIDANCE during the purchase that made us feel good and assured about our choices.

Eileen, I am truly grateful for your help and guidance, I will always be grateful to you and amazed for making the sales to my Bayview townhouse as painless as it did.  I can sense your passion for this work, THANK YOU, EILEEN.


It was a great experience working with Eileen. She is a smart, capable and dedicated real estate agent. Her attention to details is impeccable. Whether its her marketing far reaching approach or sense of style while staging the space. Eileen posses a good knowledge of the market and comes across very confident while communicating with potential buyers. I would highly recommend Eileen to any of my friends and will be happy to work with her in the future.


We first met Eileen when she was representing the seller of a property we were interested in (but did not end up acquiring). We were so impressed by her knowledge, effort, and follow-up that we ended up hiring her to represent us on our eventual home purchase and then the sale of our current property thereafter. Those traits that initially impressed us so much were on full display for both of those subsequent transactions. We could not have been more happy with the results and would wholeheartedly recommend Eileen and her team! 


I have sold and purchased many properties over the years, but the sale of our Toronto condo,  coordinated by Eileen and her team stands out as by far as the most superior listing to closing experience. The professional assessment of value, creating the marketing plan, preparation of the property for viewings, the negotiation of offers, and follow-up through the closing process all were handled with expertise. The net result was a record price in our building for our unit. We cannot recommend her highly enough.


We retained Eileen Lasswell to sell our condo in Toronto. Over the last twenty years we have used a number of real estate agents for a variety of transactions. Some were better than others. In that crowd Eileen stands out as a well informed, hardworking professional who goes way out of her way to make the process as effective and as pleasant as possible. Many agents talk about “a marketing plan”, but very few have one beyond listing on MLS. Eileen is one of those few. She also offers an ‘all inclusive’ package that includes staging, advertisement, brochures and gifts to those who drop in on open house events. Finally, and unlike many agents, Eileen is very cooperative, responsive and always available when needed. She is also very mindful of her client’s financial objectives. We would most definitely use Eileen in the future for additional transaction.


When my dad moved to a retirement home, I helped him to get his townhouse condo to market.  Eileen Lasswell has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  With her marketing skills and experience, she found a perfect balance between using traditional and online media which created a lot of interest in the property.  Eileen laid out a very comprehensive marketing plan and was very respectful of our wishes.  Her research was thorough, and she recommended a listing price which, as it turned out, was bang on.  Her commitment is second to none.  After signing the listing, it took less than a week to get everything packed, moved, staged and cleaned, to have the photography and all the marketing materials completed, and to commence the showings.  Everything was done with an absolute minimum of our own involvement.  She kept us up to date on all showings, including feedback from other agents and buyers.  Eileen made a lot of promises of what she would do, and she delivered on every single one of them.  We are certain that she achieved the best possible selling price for us, while giving us a full-service experience.  We highly recommend Eileen.


Rob & Steph

Eileen is a complete professional providing honest and informed real estate guidance. But, even more than that, she goes above and beyond for her clients. In the span of 6 weeks we sold two properties and bought one. What was she able to achieve? Eileen was able to set a record on our first sale, and on the second sale, she beat the record. May I add, that the pressure was on. We have a toddler and were expecting another baby in January and had a looming December 15 close date on the home we live in. Eileen's attention to detail and commitment to understanding our needs proved just how good she is. She found us a home she knew we would love, and thought of everything to ensure we were able to secure the home. Throughout our recent real estate adventure we trusted Eileen's expertise regarding the many intricacies of both selling and buying. She has become a friend and someone who we consider part of our family. We highly recommend Eileen

Judy & Craig

We were thrilled to have worked with Eileen on the sale of our home.  From house preparation such as decorating, repairs and garden enhancements to creating a 3D online tour, champagne previews, giving serious buyers personalized gift bags, we experienced a professional, comprehensive marketing process that generated real excitement in of our home. Eileen’s negotiating skills and her ability to create an aura of exclusivity helped us achieve our full asking price after only 6 days, with no conditions in a challenging market, (just after the government implemented the new foreign buyer tax).

When we purchased a home, Eileen conducted extensive research that included non MLS real estate. Eileen assertively sought homes on our behalf which resulted in a private sale. In her efficient and amiable manner, Eileen listened to our criteria, showed us only carefully select homes and completed a comprehensive comparative analysis to ensure our comfort on the buy side.

We cannot recommend this real estate agent highly enough and have done so on several occasions!


"I can’t say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth and proficiency of Eileen. Her professionalism and knowledge of the housing market provides us with the tools we need to feel comfortable in both the buying and selling process. From the first meeting, everything is clear great advice and background information is given in relation to all aspects such as pricing, when to put it on the market, staging and more. Eileen is amazingly talented and proactive in helping things run smoothly behind the scenes as well. When you work with Eileen you are hiring an agent dedicated to getting you through the selling/buying process with ease and care. She is patient, friendly and knowledgeable. We enjoy working with Eileen and will be sure to do so in the future. "


As a first-time home buyer on a relatively limited budget, the prospect of purchasing in Toronto was daunting. From our first meeting, it was obvious that Eileen had an unwavering passion for the job and genuinely cared about finding the perfect home to suit my needs. With razor-sharp instincts and a good sense of humour, she made the process of "shopping" fun. She has a natural ability to read between the lines and was a veritable warrior in negotiations. I confidently recommend Eileen as a real estate agent.

Vince & Mel

When we started searching for a new house on our own, we had a lengthy list of must-haves which we believed were attainable despite a challenging Toronto market. As the reality of rising prices and outrageous bidding wars started to set in, so did discouragement, and we knew there was no way we could do this alone. After we met Eileen at an open house, there was no turning back.

From the beginning, Eileen instilled a confidence in us which maintained realistic hopes that we would find the perfect house. Throughout our pursuit, we visited a countless number of properties, and during each visit, Eileen made sure we left no stone unturned. She was devotedly engaged, further educating us every step of the way. Eileen spent the time to truly understand who we are and what we wanted. Without that, we could've easily purchased the wrong home, as there were times we wanted to bid on a property, yet Eileen advised us against it, and rightfully so. She genuinely befriended us and never made our search about closing a deal -- it was always about finding us the right home for our family.

Eileen's passion, dedication, and business savvy found us the right home, with every major must-have, amid an insane market. Her commitment far exceeded our expectations and we feel privileged to have met and worked with her.

Thank you, Eileen!

Michelle & Theo

We were fortunate to have worked with Eileen in both buying and selling our home. She is extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

During our search, she was able to apply her extensive experience and knowledge of the market to help us find our ideal home. She listened to our needs, gave us sound and practical advice without imposition. Eileen’s tenacity was critical in helping us navigate our way through some unforeseen hurdles that resulted in the best possible outcome. She went above and beyond.

Her savvy approach and strategy to selling our home landed us a record price within our development.

Eileen will deliver you white-glove service. We would most definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated, sharp and knowledgeable realtor.

Mike & Alisa

Working with Eileen was a great experience, and she was instrumental in the selling our condo and purchasing our new home. Eileen provided very helpful advice to get the condo ready to show and it sold on the first day of the open house – above asking!Eileen was dedicated to finding us the perfect house, she took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and always made herself available for showings. She is professional, honest and patient when answering all of our questions and incredibly knowledgeable about the market. Prior to the showing for what is now our new home, Eileen had already drawn up the paperwork for an offer because she had anticipated we would love it. Her intuition was right and we would not be in our home today if it weren’t for her.

Even after we moved in, Eileen has kept in touch to see if we needed anything and to make sure we are loving our house. She has continued to be a great resource for us, even after the deal was done. We would highly recommend Eileen to anyone for both selling and purchasing a home!


Despite some unforeseen hiccups, the sale of my house went ahead smoothly thanks to Eileen and her partner.

Eileen's attention to details, people skills, patience, market savvy and intelligence help make it easy. She is totally trustworthy and works tirelessly to get me the best offer..... almost 20% over asking!!!

Signing up with Eileen is one of the best moves I've made.


To sell, Eileen took our dated house and made it look exquisite. We got a superb price. To buy, she carefully determined what we wanted and found the perfect condo. She did everything for us -- made it so easy. She is smart, ethical, efficient and knows the market. None better.

Bob & Anne

After forty years in the Yonge & Lawrence neighbourhood and the past thirty years in our current home we decided to downsize and move to a condo.

We chose Eileen after seeing her effectiveness with our next door neighbours. This was somewhat of an emotional experience for us and Eileen sensed this from the start. Finding a suitable condo wasn't as easy as we thought. Using her real estate experience, she guided us through doing our "homework" by showing us several different types of properties. This made it evident to us just what we wanted in a condo and what we didn't. Her patience with us inevitably proved to be invaluable.

Minnie & Matt

Eileen and her team have been spectacular. My partner and I changed our desires (from location to type of residence) so frequently that we began to resemble a pig pong machine. Nonetheless, Eileen remained patient, respectful and courteous to our wish list and found us the perfect home at a great price. Her success did not end there. Eileen listed our condo within a week of visiting it. Along with beautiful pictures and information brochure, the unit sold in a tough market at a great value. We are so happy to have found her and fully intend on using Eileen for our next purchase!

Katya & Matt

We were first time home buyers and were hesitant to enter the hot Toronto market due to the disheartening stories we had heard about the process. We had a very pleasant buying experience thanks to Eileen.

Eileen was extremely well organized and methodological with the “house-hunting” process. She understood our needs and provided honest assessments of potential homes. She put in a lot of work doing background research before our offer. She was very responsive and was there at every step of the process. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.


I would like to thank Eileen for all the care, patience and effort she put into helping me find my perfect home. Eileen is very knowledgeable on the area I was looking to buy in. I felt she really listened and cared about what I wanted out of a home, and added to my confidence that I was making the right decision. Her customer service is exceptional, she really goes the extra mile. I am very lucky to have found a real estate partner that is so passionate about her career, and who cares so much about her clients.


Eileen is an amazing person who cares about her clients. She took the time to get to know what we wanted and needed in a home. She has a lot to bring to the table as an agent. Other agents didn't give the us the time of day. We contacted Eileen to see a home that she sold in 24 hours and she started sending us listings and showing us other homes. We are excited with the dream she helped make happen. Our first home for Christmas. Thank you.


Eileen is an incredible agent. She listened my needs and only showed me places that fit them. She's efficient, reliable, and a master at playing the difficult game of real estate in Toronto. I'm so happy with my condo, and I have her to thank. I recommend her very highly. Any buyer is lucky to work with her.

Chris & laura

We were very impressed with Eileen's service.  She worked incredibly hard, and communicated very well and was very responsive to us.  We found her honest, personable and highly organized.  I think she is a great negotiator.  She was trustworthy and seemed very skilled at her work, which put us at ease.  She definitely helped to decrease the stress of the buy/sell experience.

Jason & Mei


Eileen helped us get our first house, and we would highly recommend her service. She provided valuable market insights and diligently searched for suitable houses to our needs. In the current heated Toronto housing market, she helped us navigate through a stressful bidding war and provided great execution. We feel well represented with her service and are very happy about our purchase.

L & D


Eileen’s can-do attitude, high level of organization, and understanding of the market made all the difference and sets her apart.  She helped us navigate every step of the process of preparing our house for sale, providing unparalleled service and attention to detail from start to finish.  Eileen is not above rolling up her sleeves and doing what has to get done.  We always felt that she was completely focused on our needs and on securing the best outcome for us - and our record-setting results speak for themselves. We recommend Eileen to anyone looking for a real estate agent.


I was looking to buy my first home and I was connected through a friend to Eileen.  This was a big step in my life and Eileen helped make this process less stressful.  I found that she was very knowledgeable, personable, and honest and I ended up buying a great condo in an excellent neighbourhood in Toronto.  Eileen was attentive, listened to my needs, my concerns and my vision for my new, first home.  I would highly recommend her to my friends, colleagues and family. 


Eileen helped our family to find our current house (which we love) and helped to rent out our condo when we moved to the new house. She is a seasoned professional and very nice person. During our search we tried many different areas in the city and Eileen knew them all; she always knew where and what is worth to look at, and she always explained why. Eventually she found for us this great house with amazing, private backyard - everything exactly as we wanted. She was always very helpful and understanding.
My husband and I highly recommend Eileen to everyone who is looking for the perfect realtor to work with


As a young homeowner who heavily relied on rental income to carry the costs of his house, I instantly looked to Eileen to help me find a AAA tenant after witnessing her represent my previous dweller. Not only was she consistently professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, she was able to negotiate terms that I did not even think was possible at the time. Despite being a younger and smaller client, I felt like I was her only customer based on her responsiveness and number of showings she hosted in such a short period. I highly recommend Eileen and plan to ask her to represent me for all future real estate transactions."


I recently made the decision to relocate to London, Ontario and after much research chose Eileen Lasswell as the agent to sell my townhome at Yonge and 401. After our first meeting, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Eileen. Along with her empathy in understanding my stress of selling, her knowledge of the industry and her extensive marketing plan were key factors in my decision. Eileen kept me informed through the process and was very patient with my numerous questions. She and her team did an outstanding job preparing my home, booking showings and hosting the open house. Eileen’s negotiating skills were more than impressive and my home sold very quickly and above asking price. I highly recommend Eileen to anyone looking to sell their home in the future


Eileen is an excellent , knowledgeable realtor. she impressed us how she introduced herself and the way she handled the sale of our condominium. Truly professional she attended to our needs and concerns. I was amazed by the amount of work and time that Eileen used to stage, market and sale our home. I will use again her services and recommend her. 


A thorough and ethical Agent who always goes above and beyond to make you feel you great about selling your house and getting top dollar.   As our purchasing agent, she was well informed and new her neighborhoods intimately.  She was able to work with us to make a fantastic decision and we love our new house. We initially interviewed “older” agents when looking for what, based on referrals.  During the interview process, Eileen blew them all out of the water.  We made a good decision. Thanks Eileen for everything you’ve done for us.